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Outstanding teacher nominations sought

By Abbigail Overfelt
News Editor
Asst. Web Editor

The UNCP Faculty Awards Committee will be accepting nominations for the 2008 UNCP’s Outstanding Teaching Awards until Feb 15.

According to the 2007 Faculty Handbook, teachers that should be nominated are those that “stand out in all areas associated with teaching excellence.”

Nominations will be accepted from UNCP faculty, alumni and students by the Awards Committee Chair, English Professor Dr. Monika Brown.

Eligible candidates must have two years teaching experience at UNCP, as well as no receipt of teaching awards at UNCP from 2004-2007.

After accepting the nomination, a faculty member must submit a portfolio including copies of self-evaluations, statement of teaching philosophy, copies of syllabi and course materials from three regularly taught courses, summary of two recent sets of student evaluations, and a current resume.

Once a faculty member receives the UNCP Outstanding Teacher Award, their portfolio will be made available for the campus community to see for the next two years. One will be kept in the library, and a second copy will be in the Teaching and Learning Center.

Winners also receive a $1,500 stipend and are recognized each May at the annual Faculty Appreciation Dinner.

Previous winners
UNCP 2007 Teaching Awards included Assistant Professor of History Scott C. Billingsley, Associate Professor of History Bruce J. Dehart, Associate Professor of Art Ann Horton-Lopez, Professor of Social Work Stephen M. Marson and Lecturer of Economics and Finance Donald R. Soucy.

“For the past several years, I have been studying those who have received the teaching award…most importantly, the person who nominated me is someone I have always believed to be the best teacher on campus,” Dr. Marson said.

“For a role model, use UNCP faculty for whom you have the greatest respect,” he added.

Soucy also offered advice to faculty aspiring for the award.

“My advice to faculty members is to remember why we are here, to impart knowledge to the students. If we keep this in mind we will stay focused on our mission, will strive to continuously improve and will experience the joy of success as our students develop into mature, knowledgeable world citizens,” Soucy said.

The award is one of two that UNCP uses to recognize outstanding teaching.

While the Outstanding Teaching Awards recognize up to five recipients with two years of experience each year, The Board of Governors Award for Excellence in Teaching is given only to faculty who have been teaching for at least seven years and have already earned tenure. According to Dr. Brown, award winners from all UNC system universities are honored in a luncheon given by the Board of Governors and the President of the University.

The BOG Award winner receives about $9,500, and is also the featured speaker at commencement.

If a faculty member is a nominee for the BOG award but not a recipient of it, their name will be automatically entered into the Outstanding Teaching Awards.

The award winner will be selected by April 15.

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