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Town Council hears SGA, zoning plans

By Samantha Guerrero
Staff Writer

At the Pembroke Town Council meeting on Feb. 4, SGA Vice President Hannah Simpson extended her personal invitation to the council and community members to sit in at a public forum on Liquor by the Drink.

The forum will be held at the James B. Chavis Center on campus from Feb. 11 through 13 at 6 p.m.

The events will consist of a debate Monday on the liquor by the drink election and two public forums, one involving the community on Tuesday and another specifically for students on Wednesday.

UNCP’s previous SGA administration supported the Mixed Drink Elections because they believed it would bring economic gain to the community.

Simpson said that many people have strong opinions about the vote.

“I am not here to promote or discourage liquor by the drink; I am just promoting discussion of the vote and how it will effect the economy,” she said.

Several business owners that attended the meeting approached Simpson with their interest on the topic and have offered to help the SGA advertise for the event.

She also mentioned SGA’s proposal to start a designated driver system where shuttle buses will transport students who are of legal drinking age to their home if they are impaired and unable to drive.

The town council also discussed changing the zoning of a lot from residential to commercial after hearing a citizen who was concerned that buyers were hesitant to buy residential property.

The zoning is under controversy among neighboring residents, who want to be ensured that their homes will not be disturbed or become more dangerous due to the type of business nearby.

The council will re-address this issue at a later meeting.

A presentation was made to a local officer by Ellen Lowry to thank him for his volunteer work at the Boys and Girls Club.

She said that his involvement encouraged a healthy relationship between the people in the community and the law enforcement that protects them.

Lowry thanked the council for allowing him to volunteer.


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