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Novelist brings Lumberton area residents romance

By Abbigail Overfelt
Staff Writer

Historical romance novelist Cathy Maxwell held a presentation and book signing on Sept. 7 at the Osterneck Auditorium in Lumberton as part of a series of guest authors presented by the Robeson County Library.

Maxwell has written over 20 novels in her career, including her latest, “Bedding the Heiress.” Maxwell is also a book moderator on WZEZ, Richmond.

“I am very interested in why people fall in love and stay in love,” she says.

Stories of love and relationships will never change, Maxwell says, which makes romance writing the most enduring form of literature.

It also makes it easier for her to write about her favorite time period and the context of her novels, the Regency Era, set in 19th century England.

“Plus, I don’t have to worry about people [conversing] on cell phones,” she says.

Writing was on Maxwell’s lifetime to-do list. She wanted to write a book, she says, but didn’t know what genre until she read a romance novel.

While devouring the book, I knew that this was the type of book that I wanted to write, she says.

In her words, Maxwell’s first book was “the worst novel known to man.” After attending a romance writer’s conference in Virginia, she sat down and tried again.

“I taught myself [to write] by writing really bad stuff and going back through and revising,” she says. Now, she jumps into her story “like a sumo wrestler in chocolate pudding.”

Maxwell advised aspiring authors to visit the local library and read books on writing, attend conferences and talk to established authors and find their niche or genre where their writing fits.

What makes Maxwell’s writing so appealing?

“I like light, entertaining reads,” says Anne Meadows, an avid Maxwell reader. “And I’m English, so I am interested in the way she incorporates English history into her novels.”

Others said they enjoy her writing because she is very down to earth and writes about relatable situations.

Maxwell gave free copies of her books to the audience with a personalized signing.

It was one of the best turnouts for an author that they have seen in Lumberton, attendees said.

The next guest author will be P.M. Terrell on Sept. 22 at 7 p.m. in Osterneck Auditorium.

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