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Information Station serves students

By Ashley Williams
Asst. Around the Campus Editor

March 29, 2012

Photo by Kyra Ruivo
The Information Station, located in the UC, provides students with a variety of services, including umbrella and bike rental programs.
The Information Station in the Chavis University Center provides a variety of services to the campus.

According to Penny Oxendine, University Center administrative support associate and manager of the Information Station, the bulletin board beside the ATM machine in the UC can be reserved for two weeks at a time.

Oxendine said that fraternities and sororities often use it to advertise their events. She said that flyers must be approved before they go on any of the five bulletin boards in the University Center.

The Information Station displays a daily schedule of events for the UC and the UC Annex on a television beside Bert's Café.

Students can get relief from the rain with the umbrella checkout program and free ponchos.

To checkout an umbrella, students must give their student identification card to the Information Station receptionist. The card gets returned to the student when they return the umbrella.

If a student doesn't want to hand over their identification card, the Information Station offers ponchos as an alternative.

Bicycle rental is one of the other services offered. According to Oxendine, students can rent a bicycle by leaving their identification card with the Information Station receptionist. When they rent the bicycle, they will also receive a bicycle lock to use.

The Shopping Shuttle helps students without transportation get to shopping centers. Oxendine coordinates the shuttle service. The shuttle takes students to Walmart twice a week and to the RDU airport during school breaks.

The Information Station has a courtesy phone and an Internet only computer that students can use. They also sell United States postage stamps.

A Wake-Up Call and Reminder Service to call students to remind them that they have exams or wake them up for class is also offered.

Oxendine said that they are conducting a monthly drawing for $25 to be added to a student's BraveOne card. They will draw a name from a list of students using the service and notify that person via email that they have won.

More information is available on the Information Station and their services at

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