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On-campus housing shortage expected in fall

By Amanda Hickey
Senior Staff Writer

Fall 2006 is going to bring a shortage of on-campus living, according to Dr. Diane Jones, Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs.

"If we have the enrollment growth we expect, there will be a shortage of housing," said Dr. Jones.  "The enrollment goal for admissions is 1,100 freshmen," continued Dr. Jones.

There were 5,632 students in the fall 2005.

"We would love to go for that 6,000 mark as an institution," said Dr. Jones.
New Apartment Complex

However, after the 2006-2007 school year, the shortage in housing should be taken care of.

"We have some private developers that want to build apartments to cater to students," said Dr. Jones.

Place Properties is looking to build an apartment complex with 336 beds on N. Prospect Road. 

Place Properties went before the Pembroke Town Council and the town approved the rezoning of the property, according to Dr. Jones.

The apartment complex will have seven buildings, with a community building and pool in the center of the buildings.  The apartments will be furnished with internet capability.

Also, the Department of Transportation is going to put an island in the middle of N. Prospect Road, which will make the walk across the four-lane road safer for students.

The apartment complex will have "the whole nine yards," according to Dr. Jones.

Additions at the Pointe

Pembroke Pointe is also adding to their apartment complex.

Pembroke Pointe is adding 150 beds by fall 2006.  Another 250 additional beds will possibly be added by the fall 2007, according to Rita Jones property manager at Pembroke Pointe Apts.

"The great thing about these [apartments] are they're within walking distance," said Jones.

New Residence Hall

UNCP will also be adding more beds to their campus for the fall 2007 semester. 

"We have a traditional dorm that is going to be constructed," said Jones.

The dorm will resemble Pine Hall and offer 360 beds. The rooms will consist of some doubles and some singles.

The dorm will be co-ed by halls or suites and possibly will be for freshmen.

"We need a nice residence hall for incoming students," said Dr. Jones.

Belk, North , Pine, West  and Wellons Halls will still be in use.

"We'll continue to use our residence halls as long as possible," said Dr. Jones. 
Housing Reservations

When the University has enough housing to accommodate students without worries, the plan is to take some of the older residence halls offline.  Wellons and West Halls will be the first residence halls to go offline, according to Jones.

While the University has plans for on-campus and off-campus housing growth, students need to remember that there will be a shortage of housing in  Fall 2006.

"Make reservations early," said Dr. Jones.

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