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Book bag and textbook thefts have police puzzled

By Amanda Hickey
Senior Staff Writer
Five book bags were stolen from UNCP students.  Two bags were stolen from the cafeteria and one from Moore Hall on Jan. 24.  Two more bags were stolen from the cafeteria on Jan. 25, according to Detective Ed Locklear of Campus Police.

"All three [bags from Jan. 24] were found with a few textbooks missing," said Locklear.

The bags were stolen, emptied then discarded around campus. 

Two of the bags were found in the University Center, two were found in the Fitness Center, and one was found in the Science building, according to Locklear. Ten textbooks were stolen from the various bags. 

Four of the books were recovered from the book buyback in the bookstore.

"We think they stole them with the intent of selling the books back," said Locklear.

Locklear said that campus police are taking precautions to prevent more thefts, including increasing patrol in the areas the bags were stolen from.

"If you don't have to take it [book bags] to the cafeteria or fitness center, don't," said Locklear.  "Put your names in the textbooks.  Not just in the front, but pick a page and write your name on it for your own safety," Locklear continued.

If anyone has information on these cases please contact the campus police.

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