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Students to present research projects

By Scott Ammons

Seven students with six projects from UNCP have been selected to present their scholarly research at the National Conference on Undergraduate Research in Asheville, N.C, April 6-8.

"The NCUR is highly selective and highly competitive.  It's one thing to receive an invitation for one or two students to present, but it's quite an honor to have six students presenting," according to Assistant Director of Undergraduate Research Dr. Lee Phillips.

Faculty mentor

Students participating in the undergraduate research program form a partnership with a faculty mentor to cultivate their research.

"The faculty play the most important role in the research program," according to Dr. Phillips.
Students honored

•           Marquita Lilly, "Development of a fiber optic spectroelectrochemical absorbance sensor for in-situ metal ion determinations." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Flowers, Chemistry.

•           Kristen Arnett, "Construction and characterization of a fiber optic spectroelectrochemical fluorescence sensor for in-situ metal ion determinations." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Paul Flowers, Chemistry.

•           Hong Tran and Fallon Lowry, "Absorption studies of Cu2+ion on various solid matrices such as gel and membranes." Faculty mentor: Dr. Siva Mandjiny, Chemistry.

•           James Wilson, "Killing in the name of the Mother? Reconsidering Captain William Sleeman, the Thugee and religious violence in British Colonial India." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Steven Ramey, Philosophy and Religion.

•           Angelica Lilly-Clark, "Inside the muse's mind: A closer look at John Keats." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Melissa Schaub, English.

•           Janet Sanford, "Radiation Detection: Multi Channel analyzer and a phototube: The Study of a flat panel scintillator." Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tom Dooling, Physics.

Undergraduate research plays a vital role in innovation, scholarship and creativity, according to Provost/Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs Dr. Charles F. Harrington. "A solid undergraduate research program assists the university and faculty in recruiting and retaining students. It's the truest form of self-directive learning."

In order to secure the success of the undergraduate research program for future students, an advisory council has been formed and will hold its first meeting on Feb. 8.

Advisory council

The council will consist of these faculty members:

•           Dr. Jesse Peters, Dean of the Honors College and Director of Undergraduate Research.

•           Dr. Lee Phillips, Assistant Director of Undergraduate Research.

•           Dr. Anthony Curtis, Mass Communications

•           Dr. Charles Beem, History

•           Dr. David Oxendine, Education

•           Dr. Rick Crandall, Business

•           Dr. Tom Dooling, Physics

•           Dr. Sivanadane Mandjiny, Chemistry

•           Dr. Robert Poage, Biology

•           Dr. Tulla Lightfoot, Art/Art Education

Student benefits

Students that choose to participate in the undergraduate research program are paired with a faculty member mentor that shares the same desire for development of technical skills and a knowledge base beyond the textbook.

Another benefit of the undergraduate research center is to match funding for projects so that the student and mentor receive the necessary monies to complete their desired task.

For more information contact Dr. Lee Phillips at

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