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KFC fries illegal student parkers by towing cars

By Amanda Hickey
Senior Staff Writer

Kentucky Fried Chicken employees sometimes cannot find a place to park in the restaurant’s parking lot, manager Roosevelt Davis said. 

Students have been parking in the KFC lot, and KFC has decided to begin towing their cars.

Since about Jan. 24, KFC employees have been notifying students who park in their lot that any car in their lot that is not a KFC customer is "subject to be towed." 

Vehicles that are towed can be recovered from Dream Finder Tire and Auto Center for $50 and $20 each additional day.

"The company is losing money.  People see a lot of cars and don't want to come in for lunch," said Roosevelt.  "Sometimes we come in here and can't even find a spot for ourselves."

Roosevelt says he hopes students will stop parking at KFC before the towing begins.

"I don't want to do it.  We've been having a good relationship with the college," said Roosevelt.

Some drivers have been notified about the upcoming towing, but continue to park there.

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Updated: Monday, February 27, 2006
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