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Students to receive extra day off during Thanksgiving

By Aaron Woods
Staff Writer

The Faculty Senate agreed Feb. 1 to extend UNCP’s Thanksgiving holiday to include the Wednesday before Thanksgiving.

Sixteen of the possible 24 votes were in favor while the other 8 voters did not respond to the vote by e-mail.

Half the student body is from out of state with most having four or more hour drives home for the holidays. Without a full class day on Wednesday, there will still be the same number of school days for the academic year.

Chancellor Allen C. Meadors went in front of the Faculty Senate with no opposition.

"I suggested it and they approved," Dr. Meadors said.

"I thought the Senate felt as I did," Meadors said.
Chancellor Meadors received dozens of emails from students on this issue.

"The students will be real happy about it," he said. 

When asked about any opposition from the student's parents, Meadors said, "Absolutely none."

Dr. Kay McClanahan, chair of the Faculty Senate, said that the decision was made prior to the Feb. 1 Senate meeting.

"There was an email sent to all Senate members before Christmas and only 16 replied with a vote of yes. There was no reply from the remaining eight members," McClanahan said.

"I think the students will be very pleased," McClanahan said. "We were one of the few in the university system that did have Wednesday classes," McClanahan said.

The Wednesday classes caused problems for students. Some would have class until 5 p.m. in the evening then would have to drive up to five hours home.

"Personally, I am pleased with the change," McClanahan said.

"It is a change to keep up with other institutions that do not have Wednesday classes," McClanahan said.

"I don't think the parents would disagree," McClanahan added.

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