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SGA leader aids flooded Pine Hall students

By Carol Franch
News Editor

The day after spring break began, the sprinkler system was activated at 12:30 a.m.  March 4 in Pine Hall, severely flooding rooms on several floors of the building.

A student, attempting to dry his clothes, hung them on a sprinkler head breaking the retainer tube that activated the other sprinklers, according to Dean of Students Preston Swiney.

Students whose rooms were damaged were notified during spring break by phone and also found notes taped to their doors when they returned.

Photo by Carol Franch
Students whose rooms were damaged were notified during spring break by phone and also found notes taped to their doors when they returned.

Campus police responded to the emergency within three minutes and quickly contacted the on-call mechanic who soon after began shutting off the water in the building.

Students were relocated from Pine to West Hall lounge until the building could be fully assessed for damage. It was decided the damage was substantial, and students would not be able to return to the building for the remainder of the evening.                

"The students were all very cooperative given the situation, and everyone worked together very well," Swiney said.

Residents slept in the UC lounge, West Hall lounge, BSU house along with nearby houses of friends.

SGA President Marko Gospojevic, who was on campus at the time, helped the students to get situated and brought them blankets and breakfast foods.

"I went to Wal-Mart and picked up some donuts and juice to calm everyone down. Everyone was very cooperative and in good spirits," Gospojevic said.

Extraction of water from the building's carpet was completed by the physical plant housekeeping staff.

The housekeeping staff was available in Pine until 1:30 p.m. cleaning the carpeting, along with several of the bathrooms, and later helped students with needs in their rooms.
The carpeting continued to dry with the aid of air blowers.

Students were allowed back into the building at 9 a.m. March 5 after lighting fixtures, switches, receptacles and mechanical rooms were all examined, and it was determined that there was no substantial water damage requiring replacement of sheet rock in the building.

Through the week, housekeeping continued to clean, sanitize and deodorize the carpeting, walls and furniture.
Dehumidifiers and air blowers were placed in rooms to correct the damage, as well as new mattresses where they were needed.

"We had the staff take care of the students’ rugs, towels, clothes, or even a few socks that were left behind over the break.

Then we returned them so that the students could have them all taken care of when they returned," Swiney said.

Painting of the rooms and other needed repairs are planned for the end of the semester after the students have left the dorm.

Students who need assistance with housekeeping should contact Jackie Locklear at 521-6697.

Students who feel they cannot live in their room should contact the housing office at 521-6228 as soon as possible.

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