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Parking, housing and safety issues raised by students

By Kelly Griffith
Staff Writer

The year 2007 will be a big year, Chancellor Allen C. Meadors said March 14 at the SGA Student Issues Forum in the UC lounge.

Meadors joined students and other school administrators to discuss issues ranging from football fees to campus safety to the parking and housing situations in Fall 2006 and Fall 2007.

Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs R. Neil Hawk said more parking spots were opened for general use than in past years. However, generalizing all parking on campus might not be the best idea, according to Meadors.

"I don't think the students that get here at 10 a.m. would like that," Meadors said. "The same people would be disadvantaged all the time."

Meadors said the university is looking for new parking options that would eventually surround the campus to give it a more environmental feel.

"Parking will become more adjacent to campus than on campus," Meadors said. "I think it's nice to have a walking campus."

Along with tight parking, Meadors said tight housing could be a problem if the university sees enrollment growth in the fall.

However, 800 to 1,000 new beds are expected to be in place on or near campus in 2007.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Diane O. Jones said resident students wanting to keep their rooms for next year should reclaim them as soon as they possibily can.

"For students that go through the process and reclaim their rooms early, we can guarantee rooms," Jones said.

She said that the university has already worked with the Courtyard apartments to sublease several rooms for next fall in anticipation of high enrollment numbers.

Pembroke Pointe also could be adding 150 beds to its complex, Jones said.

Meadors said the new dorm next to Pine Hall cannot be built until the university gets the financial support and the banks that loan money to UNCP use current enrollment numbers rather than estimates in order to approve funding. That dorm is expected to be online in fall 2007.
SGA president Marko Gospojevic asked if the increased number of students would have to dig deeper into their pockets to pay for fee increases in order to support Braves football in 2007.

According to Meadors, there will not be anymore fees specifically for football.

"We have an athletic fee and if it goes up $10, part will go to football," Meadors said.

Gospojevic also raised the issue of safety on campus for females. According to him, many females are worried about rape.

Chief of UNCP Police David Helton said rapes usually go unreported. None have been reported this year at UNCP.

"If you look at the national average, most rapes are not reported," Helton said. "This is something we need to work on."

According to Director of Admissions Lela Clark, there is a suspension and expulsion database to identify students who have been kicked out of the 16 UNC system universities. Clark said that this has helped the universities beef up security within their admissions offices.

Since the death of Jessica Lee Faulkner at UNC-Wilmington in May 2004, the admissions staff must ask students a standard set of questions before admitting them to the university, according to Clark.

The SGA plans to hold their next student issues forum at 10 a.m. on April 26 in the University Center lounge.

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