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Student charged at campus level after unauthorized use of car

By Amanda Hickey
Senior Staff Writer

A resident student couldn’t find her car keys before she went to sleep, but when she woke up her keys were in her purse, according to Detective Ed Locklear of Campus Police.

The resident then confronted her roommate, who admitted to borrowing her car.

The roommate said that she took the car to McDonalds.

However, there were 26 miles added to the vehicle’s mileage, according to Locklear.

The resident didn’t want to charge her roommate at the state level, but she was charged at the campus level for unauthorized use of a vehicle on March 17.

Hit-and-run drops pole

On Third Street in front of lot one, a light pole and stop sign were knocked down on March 20. 

The pole was found at 11:25 p.m.

“Someone undoubtedly lost control of their vehicle,” Detective Locklear said.

Locklear suspects the vehicle involved was a GMC, since a GMC logo was found at the scene of the accident. 

There was also a paint transfer onto the pole and the vehicle is a red or burgundy color, Locklear said.

There were no skid marks at the scene. 

“They just ran right off the road, and took the whole pole down,” Locklear said.

Locklear has been taking steps to find the vehicle involved.

“I’ve been making contact with body shops in town because I’m sure there was some kind of damage,” Locklear said.

To provide information about the accident, contact Locklear at 521-6869 or

Tips can also be given at the anonymous tip website at

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