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Marvin “Tubby” Jacobs and Terrell Jones to lead student body
through the 2006-2007 school year

By Allen Barfield
Circulation Manager

UNCP students on March 28-29 elected Marvin “Tubby” Jacobs and Terrell Jones as their new Student Government Association (SGA) president and vice president for 2006-2007. 

The new leaders’ platform included plans to bring new life to campus, improve the student retention rate and bringing more weekend activities.

Jacobs said events such as Family Day are the type of thing he’d like to to do for students more often.

“This is the type of event I’m trying to bring to campus,” said Jacobs.

Many of the issues facing this year’s senate, like the parking situation and tuition rate increases, will be further explored in the upcoming year along with secondary platform issues like building more school spirit in the student body.

Jacobs was very appreciative of the work outgoing SGA President Marko Gospojevic has done for the students as well.

“I applaud Marko so much for what he has done,” said Jacobs.

Jacobs said it is important to create a path for future SGA presidents so they can easily adapt to the structure of the SGA.

“I’m trying to draw a path for the next SGA president to follow,” said Jacobs.  “When they come in they can have a structure or foundation.  Marko built one for me and I hope to do the same.”

With the recent resignation of Abdul Ghaffar, SGA’s faculty advisor, Jacobs feels the upcoming year will be challenging.

“This is going to be a challenging year,” Jacobs said.  “Not only are we going to lose a valued advisor, but an inspirational leader.”

He said one of his goals would be more organization involvement in SGA.

An example would be Greeks who currently are 5 percent of the SGA senators, while only 3 percent make up the student population. 

“My whole goal is to have more organization involvement,” said Jacobs.

“If any organization needs help please feel free to come to the SGA.  We are trying to bring SGA to the organization’s not the organization’s to the SGA,” he said.

Jacobs voiced concern about empty senate seats. 

He said, if the seats weren’t filled, students wouldn’t be represented properly. 

“People are expecting big things from me, but I can’t accomplish anything without the senators behind me,” said Jacobs

“A good board can do more than any president ever will,” he said.

Jacobs also said that students should feel free to come up and talk to him anytime and if not him any SGA senator.

“I think if you have a friendly attitude more people will come to you,” said Jacobs.

Overall, Jacobs believes UNCP’s current growth is only the beginning and, with more work, the student morale is bound to go up. 

“If we continue to grow like this the morale and the spirits will also grow,” said Jacobs.

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