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Students beware: campus safety tips you need to know

By Amanda Hickey
Senior Staff Writer

“The key to crime prevention is having the entire campus community involved,” said Chief David Helton of Campus Police.

“That includes our officers and department doing a good job in patrol enforcement and education; and the campus community doing a good job in reporting crime and suspicious persons and activity,” continued Helton.  “It goes on and on but it really can’t work unless everyone is on the same page.”

The City Watch Program helps campus police remain in contact with the campus community. 

The City Watch program is a warning system the university has had for over two years. 

The program is used to warn the university community about issues that may concern them.

“We can go to the computer and send out a message to everyone or just [a building].  It’s basically an early warning system,” said Detective Locklear.  “It hasn’t been used as much as it should be, but it will be from now on.”

Theft Prevention Tips:

“Most of our thefts occur whenever someone leaves a room unlocked and unattended. In more than 27 years of working in campus law enforcement, I can recall only a few times when someone has forcefully committed a breaking and entering into a residence hall room,” Helton said.

• Make sure your property is secure, said Detective Ed Locklear.

• Lock your door, said Chief Helton.

Rape and Sexual Assault Prevention Tips:

“Most of the rapes/sexual assaults that have been reported to me have involved alcohol or drugs.  We warn female students who are going to special events to go with friends and return with the same friends, don’t drink from open containers, drink responsibly and report crimes that do occur,” Helton said.

Only two of the sexual assaults reported to campus police have not been alcohol related.

• “If you go to a party, don’t drink anything you didn’t get yourself. 

• Go with friends and leave with friends. 

• Make sure you know who you’re leaving with,” Detective Locklear said.

• Don’t be afraid to say “no,” tell the person to leave or call campus police, said Detective Locklear.

Safe Partying Tips:

“When numbers get out of hand, not only do you have a problem with university regulations but other problems arise also.  That’s when we show up,” Detective Locklear said.

Party crashers account for many problems associated with parties.

“Most of the problems we’ve seen with social events on and off campus have occurred whenever a non-student or someone uninvited ‘crashes’ the party,” Chief Helton said.

• Know where you’re going, who you’re going with and go with a buddy, said Detective Locklear.

• Don’t allow people you don’t know in the party. 

• Don’t let a friend bring someone you don’t know.  If you’re going to have a party, keep your secret, said Detective Locklear.

Nighttime Safety:

“Don’t walk alone late at night, period.  We are a safe campus, but you shouldn’t walk alone at night anywhere.  And report suspicious persons and activity,” Helton said.

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