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Cafeteria system crashes

By Dan Cole
Staff Writer

Bert's Cafe and the cafeteria's card swipe system were down from Jan. 7 to 10.            

"A server issue at the Braves Card office caused the system to go down," said Mike Nance, general manager for Sodexho.

On Jan. 8, the cafeteria was honoring all students who said that they had meal plans as long as they gave the last four digits of their social security number to be checked against the records.             

"We were having some students that didn't have a meal plan at all, and knew that they didn't have a meal plan, come in and eat," said Nance.  After this, the cafeteria switched to an offline database to store records of students who had meal plans. 

This made the use of Braves Cards necessary again, thus deterring those who were after a free meal.

Bert's Cafe had other problems.  Since the system was down, students could not use their "munch money" in Bert's, forcing them to pay cash. 

If students kept their receipts they'll be entitled to a cash refund, and all charges will be transferred to their accounts.  Students must take their receipts to Lumbee Hall to receive their refund.            

This doesn't account for the students that did not have the money to purchase food from items from Bert's that week.

"Personally, I don't get paid until this Friday," said Brynn Palmer, when asked what she thought about the situation that week.  "So if I was hungry, I was up the creek without a paddle."            

On Jan. 10, the Braves Card staff got the system back up and running, and things have been going much smoother since then.

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