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Campus police steps up patrol

By Amanda Hickey
News Editor

A vehicle in Lot 3 was broken into on Jan. 7. The small windows were broken and two pairs of sunglasses were stolen out of the vehicle.
Another vehicle located in Lot 3 was broken into on Jan. 8.
Approximately $5 in change was stolen from the vehicle after the smaller back windows were broken.
“Felony breaking and entering for $5 worth of change,” said Detective Ed Locklear of Campus Police.
Campus Police is working with Pembroke Police in order to solve the cases.
“We’re both working together to see whose running havoc,” said Locklear.
Campus Police is also beefing up patrol in the area of the breaking and entering in hopes of preventing future cases of breaking and entering.
“If you have to leave personal property in your vehicle, leave it out of sight.          

If they see something they want, then they’ll go to the extreme to get what they want,” Locklear continued.
“Be vigilant at night, if [you] see anything suspicious contact Campus Police,” warned Locklear.
Stolen Purse
A student left her Vera Bradley purse in a classroom in the B.A. Building on Jan. 8.
When she reached the door, she realized that she didn’t have her purse and returned to the classroom. 
The purse was gone when she reached the classroom, according to Detective Ed Locklear.
Another student realized that the purse was left and went into the hallway to see if the purse’s owner would claim it.
Another female student claimed the purse, said Locklear.
The student now waits after class hoping she recognizes the girl who claimed the purse, continued Locklear.

Student impedes traffic
A student was charged with impeding traffic and resist, delay and obstruct at both the campus and state level after interfering with traffic on 1340 by Prospect Road, according to Detective Ed Locklear.
“We had some problems with him earlier in the week about him basically jumping in front of vehicles, and we basically got the same call,” said Locklear.
The student refused to comply with the officer and the arresting officer was forced to spray him with mace once.
The student was also charged at the campus level for failure to comply with an officer.
Campus Police can be reached by calling (910) 521-6235.
The Campus Police office is now located in the new Auxiliary Services Building behind the bookstore facing University Drive.

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