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Textbooks in short supply as classes begin

By Kayloni Wyatt
Staff Writer

Students returned to UNCP this semester to find that the new bookstore didn’t yet have many of their textbooks in stock.             Many students were forced to attend classes without all their textbooks during the first week of the semester.

“Well, this is not good at all. What if I have homework for the first few days and I can't do it? That could really start me off behind in class,” said freshman Dashawn Byron.            

Byron had to wait a week until he had most of his books, and he is still missing one book.
Most students did not think twice about the textbook shortage.            

Despite the problem, students were still able to catch up in class even without the book for the first week.

The solution to the problem was found quickly.       

When teachers realized that most students did not have books, they went to the bookstore asking questions.            

The director of the bookstore Karen Swiney had the answers they were looking for.

“We basically had a system error. Some of the books were cut off 50 percent,” said Swiney.            

The 50 percent  cut off lowered the needed amount of books.

So, when the books arrived at the store, there were not enough, which is why so many books were missing when students went to buy their books.            

“We got to the bottom of the problem [Jan. 15]. Our software specialist worked on it all weekend,” Swiney said.

In the 11 years Swiney has been the bookstore director, this is the first time this error has occurred.            
“We are fully aware that it has a caused a problem with classes, and we are truly sorry for the inconvenience it has caused among the students and staff,” said Swiney.

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