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200 students without immunizations warned

By Robert Deckert
Staff Writer

Although numbers this spring are down from fall semester for administrative withdrawals, students still face challenges regarding the proper filing of their immunization records.            

Approximately 200-300 students have already been administratively withdrawn from school this spring semester, compared to the 500-600 in the past fall semester, according to Lori Wiggins, RN for the Student Health Services.

North Carolina state law requires students entering college to present a certificate of immunization, which documents the student has received the immunizations required by law.            

"It’s a health issue,” University Registrar Sara Brackin said. “The reason the law was passed was to protect us all.”

Students who do not have a complete immunization record on file when classes begin have 30 days to obtain the required immunizations.            

Students who are not in compliance within 30 days of the first day of class will be withdrawn from classes.

Kay Oxendine, vice chair of the Staff Council who is also a student, said she was administratively withdrawn from her classes.            
It was difficult to get my shot records because my doctor who had them died, Oxendine said.            

Students need to be more attentive to admissions applications and know the requirements for school, Wiggins said.            
“Something needs to be different, something needs to stand out,” Wiggins said in regards to immunization information on the UNCP admissions applications.

"We do everything we can to tell them about it,” Brackin said.  I want to protect us, she said. Think about what will happen if the Avian Flu virus ever jumped to humans.            
Brackin said that the Registrar’s office first sends out letters, warning students of incomplete paperwork.

The next letter the Registrar’s office sends is the letter of noncompliance.            
Oxendine also said that by the time she had the proper documentation in order, she was already dropped.

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