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Refund check process changed but smooth

By Amanda Hickey
News Editor

A total of 3,500 refund checks were delivered to students in the Auxiliary Services building on Feb. 5.            

“From everything I heard and saw, everything just went smoothly,” said Bursar Bill McMillan.

There was some congestion from 10-11:30 a.m. but after that lines went quickly, said McMillan.            
Cashier’s office employees tried to prevent students from having to wait in line only to find out that they owe money.             

McMillan had a list of students with parking tickets and checked if students had any concerns about having a fine.            
Students were able to sign a refund release form that would allow the cashier’s office to take any emergency loan money or fines for parking tickets out of the student’s refund check, according to McMillan.

The cashier’s office employees stood behind a window in the Auxiliary Services building as opposed to behind a table in the middle of the University Center.            
“It was a more secure area to have all those checks,” said McMillan.            

This was also the first time refund checks were distributed on Mondays instead of Fridays, according to McMillan.            
Loans now come in on the Tuesday before refund day, with grants coming Wednesday. 

The cashier’s office used Thursday and Friday to process the grants and loans and cut the checks, according to McMillan.             Not all loans arrive by refund day, according to McMillan. 
As soon as the money arrives, the cashier’s office processes the check, and the student can pick it up in the cashier’s office.

More changes are in the works for refund check distribution.            
Banner will allow the possibility of direct deposit, according to McMillan.            

McMillan hopes to have it up and running by July 1.            
“We’re in the age of automation, and I think that’ll be a means people will like,” said McMillan. 

“Direct deposit could reduce the lines,” McMillan continued.

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