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Thefts plague campus

By Dan Cole
Senior Staff Writer

There were reports of breaking and entering and larceny made to the UNCP Department of Police and Public Safety, and they are working to solve the cases.

Oak Hall            
An unknown suspect entered the Oak Hall construction site after hours on March 10.

The suspect entered by climbing the basketball court fence, according to Detective Ed Locklear of the Department of Police and Public Safety.            

The larceny was reported on March 11, and Campus Police is using the tapes from surveillance cameras to help solve the crime.

According to the foreman, Jessie Fisher, a grinder that was left out by the crew was used to saw off the lock to a toolbox on the site.  The suspect took several hand tools.


Sampson Hall            
A Brothers Fax Copy Machine was stolen out of an office in Sampson Hall.          

The suspect broke a window in the process.

The theft was discovered on March 12, and Campus Police believe that it occurred on March 11, according to Locklear.

Jacobs Hall            
Jacobs Hall experienced a similar incident on March 12.

A suspect entered a professor’s office through an unlocked window and stole his personal laptop computer and one that belonged to the UNCP Education Department. Both of the computers were black and gray Compaq NX5000’s, according to Locklear.            

“He had 10 years’ worth of work on it from his doctorate through every class he’s taught,” Locklear said.

No suspects have been identified, nor have any arrests been made.


Village Apartments            
Two individuals broke into a student’s car in the University Village Apartments’ parking lot, in an attempt to steal the car’s speakers.  Campus Police caught it on the surveillance cameras and were able to detain the suspects.

Sgt. Steve Collins discovered that the suspects were not UNCP students.  The suspects were forced to return the speakers and were  placed under arrest.            

The two were charged with felony breaking and entering, and no court date has been set.           

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