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Defacing public property a misdemeanor

By Christian Felkl
Staff Writer

People who write on school buildings with chalk could face a state charge of defacing a public building.              

If caught writing on a wall with chalk, it would be a Class 2 Misdemeanor. 

The University Police have been lenient, but if it continues University Police will begin enforcing these regulations, according to Officer Ed Strickland.             

While students, faculty and staff are able to hang flyers they cannot not physically write on buildings with any material.

The consequences of this can be severe, so the university provides alternative promoting options for students, faculty and staff.            
In the Elements of Crime book, Statute 14-132 states that to “unlawfully write or scribble on, mark, deface, besmear, or injure the walls of any public building or facility, or any statue or monument situated in any public place; or  Commit any nuisance in or near any public building or facility.”  This applies to any state owned building.            

“Any person in charge of any public building or facility owned or controlled by the State, any subdivision of the State, or any other public agency shall have authority to arrest summarily and without warrant for a violation of this section,” according to the statute.
The term public building is “one to which the public or a portion of the public has access and is owned or controlled by the State, any subdivision of the State, any other public agency, or any private institution or agency of a charitable, educational, or eleemosynary nature; or dedicated to the use of the general public for a purpose which is primarily concerned with public recreation, cultural activates, and other events of a public nature or character.”   

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