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Flyer catches attention on campus

By Jessica Mellet
Staff Writer

Public Relations students took the initiative to create a campaign focused on increasing pre-registration rates for freshmen.                     

A  flyer posted around campus was one element of the campaign.

The flyer reads “The new BraveWeb: so easy…even a UNCP Student Can Do It!”            

Freshman Brittany Deaton said the flyer made it seem like UNCP students are incapable of figuring out the new system.            

Get students’ attention              

The flyer was meant to get the attention of students and the reaction that it got totally caught us by surprise, said senior Phillip Aldridge who is a group member of the campaign.
"I don't think this it is a good message to send to a student at any college or university,” said Sandy Stratil, English professor and director of College Opportunity Program.            

“If the intent was to get attention, it did that, but in a very negative way,” said Stratil.                      

Aldridge said that when the group heard the reaction of some of the students, the group’s reaction was “you’ve got to be kidding,” because we never meant to offend anyone.            

“All in all I am actually glad that it got the attention it did.            
"Most students don't take the time to read anything that is posted. This information was for the benefit of the students, so in that respect I am glad that people are taking notice,” Aldridge said.

Part of a course            

The Public Relations Campaigns course is a requirement for students in the Mass Communication Department in the Public Relations track.            
According to Dr. Dandan Liu, assistant professor in the mass communication department,  the flyers were based on an attention getting strategy and were not meant to offend.

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