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Airsoft and BB guns illegal on campus

By Christian Felkl
Staff Writer

Airsoft guns and BB guns are becoming a problem around campus.  In the recent weeks, there have been windows broken out in West Hall.  Someone shot out a window at the end of the hallway. 

“There have been 10 to 12 airsoft guns and rifles located and confiscated this year,” said Lt. Derrick Locklear.  It has started to become an issue on campus, but there haven’t been any charges since February. 
If caught with an airsoft or BB gun, the gun will be confiscated and you will get a campus level charge.  They are considered a dangerous weapon and are shot just like a real BB gun. 
“If you have a real BB gun that is gas powered, you could face criminal charges.  With an airsoft gun, you could face a charge of possession, and if you damage property you can be charged with damage to personal property.  It can be a criminal offense,” said Lt. Derrick Locklear
When paintball guns are involved, you can be charged with defacing property and injury to real property.  They can be considered dangerous and are not allowed on campus.  Moore Hall and Locklear Hall are two buildings that got “painted.” 
The statute that campus police use to charge people with is 14269.2 which states “weapons on school or campus misdemeanor air rifle, air pistol, sling shot, bow or knife is defined as a weapon.”
The school goes by this as do all law enforcement officials. 
Two people have had BB guns on this campus as well and have been charged.
An issue that comes up during the spring is water guns.
“Last spring there was about 15 to 20 spray guns investigated,” said Lt. Locklear. 
The guns are usually used in the wrong place like the sidewalks so that is when they get called. 
University Police and University officials enforce these policies so people on campus can feel safe.

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