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Courtyard residents victims of assault

By Amanda Hickey
News Editor

Two female UNCP students were assaulted by a  man described as approximately 30 years old, 5-foot-8-inch to 5-foot-10-inch man wearing a dirty white tee shirt and jeans,  according to Detective Ed Locklear of the Department of Police and Public Safety.

Attacker enters
A female student was attacked in her apartment at Courtyard Apartments at 2:15 a.m. on April 20.
She was walking from a friend’s apartment to hers and thought that her roommate was behind her.  When she got in her apartment, she left the door unlocked for her roommate, according to Detective Locklear.
The victim was in her room working on her computer when she felt a presence.  She looked up and saw a man in her room.  He grabbed her, but she pushed him out of her apartment and slammed the door, according to Locklear.
The Department of Police and Public Safety and Robeson County Sheriff’s Department are working to solve the case.
They believe that the subject is also the attacker of a female graduate student on April 19, said Locklear.

Student attacked
She was assaulted by an unknown male subject on her way to the infirmary at 4:30 a.m. April 19.
“She stated that she woke up at 4:30 a.m. not feeling well so she decided to walk to the infirmary.  As she walked down University Road, someone grabbed her backpack, which she had across her shoulders, and knocked her to the ground,” according to the report filed by Detective Locklear.
“She stated that she then jumped to her feet and pushed the male subjectaway from her.  She said she pushed him hard enough that he fell down.  She then ran back to her apartment at the Courtyard,” the report read.
During the attack, the attacker “pulled her hair and hit her in the face,” according to the report.
The victim has a bruised arm and a bruise on her face, according to Locklear.
University Road is out of the Department of Police and Public Safety’s jurisdiction, so Locklear called Deputy Todd Harris of the Robeson County Sheriff’s Department, who lives at the Courtyard apartments. 
The Department of Police and Public Safety and the Robeson County Sheriff’s Department are working together to solve the case.
They “would love to find out who’s responsible and have them charged accordingly,” Locklear said.

Campus Police can escort students who are scared of or worried about walking to or from campus in the dark.
“If you are in any situation where you need help or are just uncomfortable with the situation you are in, call Campus Police,” Locklear said.
Even though Courtyard Apartments are outside of their jurisdiction, the officers of the Department of Police and Public Safety frequently escort students from campus to their apartment or keep an eye out for a student who is walking from the apartments to campus, according to Locklear.
Detective Locklear asks that any one who has information that might help solve the case please contact him at (910) 521-6235.
Campus Police and the Robeson County Sheriffs Department are working on catching the attacker.  They think they may know who is responsible.
The University Courtyard property manager Joseph Graper posted letters throughout the complex informing the residents of the attempted assaults.
Graper also suggested  residents keep deadbolt locked at all times, keep vehicles locked, keep the blinds closed at all times and to be  alert and careful at all times, according to the letter.

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