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Locklear teaches Freshman Seminar

By Amanda Hickey
Senior Staff Writer

Campus police officers make a point to visit freshman seminar classes when invited.  However, this year Detective Ed Locklear took visiting the classes to a new level: he’s teaching one.                   

This is the first time a campus police officer has taught a freshman seminar class.

New Experience            

Teaching freshman seminar will help with his job and allow him to interact with students, according to Locklear.

“I speak in a number of freshman seminar classes so I know what the class was based on. Teaching this class will allow me to get to know what a freshman really goes though that first semester of college,” said Locklear.    

While Locklear doesn’t think his class will be any different than the freshman seminar classes taught by  faculty, he hopes it will influence how students think about the police department.

“I do hope that the students may see the police department in a different light because of me teaching this class,” said Locklear.  “I'm hoping that the students will see that even thou we are police officers and we have a job to do and we will do it. We are also here if the student needs anything,” Locklear continued.

Locklear’s teaching of freshman seminar will make a difference, according to Chief David Helton.            

“It’ll make a difference with an officer being able to interact with students on a weekly basis,” said Chief David Helton.

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