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Police target drinking

By Carol Franch

Campus police are continuing the effort to crack down on underage drinking.                   

“We’re trying to focus more attention on underage drinking and going one step further to find the people that are providing alcohol for them,” Chief of Police and Public Safety David Helton said.            

Beginning Aug. 30, there have been underage drinking charges in West, Village and Belk.

Two students were charged with underage drinking in West Hall, which lead to an arrest on Aug. 30. One was charged Sept. 13 with underage drinking. And one was charged and arrested on Sept. 15 for intoxicated and disruptive behavior.            

In Village apartments, three were charged Aug. 31 violation of a controlled substance, and one on Sept. 13.

Two were charged Sept. 1 with underage drinking and  four were charged Sept. 1 with aiding and abetting underage drinking.

One student was charged Sept. 1 with harassing or abusing; another incident of harassment happened Sept. 12.

An arrest was made Sept. 8 for DUI and reckless driving following an accident.            

Two students in Belk were charged Sept. 4 with harassment.


On Sept. 7, a student was charged and arrested for shoplifting from the bookstore.

On Sept 19, a man was charged with possession of stolen goods after attempting to steal a $5000 speaker from Moore Hall.

Three students were charged with larceny on Sept. 26 after stealing from a construction site.

Warrants were issued Sept. 26 for three counts of larceny against temporary employees of the bookstore, according to Chief Helton.

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