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UNCP child care depends on survey

By Margaret Damghani
Senior Staff Writer

A feasibility study is underway to determine if there is a need for a child care center at UNCP.            

The deadline for a child care needs assessment survey has been moved to Oct. 26 because of a poor response rate.

“After we get some firm data, we can decide if we can justify getting a child care center,” Dr. Lisa A. Kelly, Ad Hoc Child Care Committee member, says.            

In March 2005, 86 percent of 849 people surveyed responded that UNCP needed a child care facility, according to Kelly.

Freshman mass communications major Justin Meier feeds his 4-month-old son, Collin.

Photo By Terri Rorke
Freshman mass communications major Justin Meier feeds his 4-month-old son, Collin.
The Faculty Senate decided that more research needed to be done.            

Workplace Options, an independent firm, is conducting the Child Care Needs Assessment Survey, doing a market analysis of child care centers in zip codes where 25 or more students, staff and faculty live and investigating possible funding resources.

The Child Care Needs Assessment Survey is open to all, however, those without children will only be able to answer some parts of the survey, according to Joyce Beacome Blais of Workplace Options.             

“Whether you are a student, faculty or staff, we are very interested in getting feedback even if you do not have children,” Blais says.

The survey is available electronically on the UNCP website or a paper copy can be picked up in the library, at the bookstore, the UC or in room 242 in Lumbee Hall.            

“This feasibility study will determine if there is a need. If there is, we still have to determine a location and how to fund it,” Dr. Diane O. Jones, vice chancellor for Student Affairs, says.

Workplace Options will present a report of their findings to the Ad Hoc Child Care Committee, which will make a recommendation to the Student Affairs and Campus Life Committee of the Faculty Senate.            

This recommendation will be the first step towards getting child care at UNCP.

“It’s a very involved process, a lot of laws and regulations. I think everybody’s willing to do it if we can establish the need.  That’s the key,” Dr. Ottis Murray, the chair of Student Affairs and Campus Life, says.            

The Department of Education could benefit directly if UNCP had a child care center.

Education majors might be able to complete their field assignments without traveling outside of Pembroke.            

“We are waiting and very interested to see what the results of the study will bring back,” Dr. Zoe W. Locklear, dean of the School of Education, says.

Aside from filling out the survey, all students, faculty and staff can leave direct feedback by dialing 800-952-3586. Press “1” for the party extension and then “1356” to leave a message.

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