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Need for safety drives new UNCP dance policy

By Carol Franch

SGA approved a revised dance policy limiting two guests to each student, as well as requiring all guests to be signed in no later than 5 p.m. the day of the dance.            

The previous policy on guests, although not enforced, was that UNCP students were allowed to bring only one guest per student to the dance.

There will be no guests signed in at the dance, without exceptions in the new policy.            

Dances are for UNCP students and valid ID must be shown to enter. All dances must begin at 10 p.m. ending promptly at 1 a.m., the policy states.

One of the guidelines that remained the same was the limit of one dance per organization. The exceptions to this are dances that are scheduled on the weekends.            

Dance guidelines also state no other activities, such as Bikini contests or Step Shows, may take place during the dance.

The new dance policy was proposed after a fight  at a dance ended in three arrests in September.            

SGA Vice President Muysha “Mo” Mutima said that UNCP is blessed just to be able to hold dances on campus.

“It is a blessing to use the facilities on campus to hold dances, said Mutima. “Other institutions won’t allow students to hold dances on their property and they have to host them off campus, pulling money out of their own pockets.”            

Another significant change was the deadline by which students had to have their guests registered with the school.

Instead of 24 hours in advance, students have up until 5 p.m. on the day of the dance to do so.             

This change made some students, like freshman Brittany Goree, much happier with the policy.

“Making it 5 p.m.  instead of 24 hours is a reasonable time and gives students a little slack,” Gorre said.              

Goree also said that the policy hinders the clubs that are more interactive because some clubs don’t even use their allotted dances.

Dr. Diane Jones, vice chancellor for Student Affairs, is confident that the new policy changes will be effective because it was developed directly with the students and approved by the SGA.            

“We are guided by the fact that we want to make the dances as safe as possible,” Jones said.

Robert ‘Coop’ Cooper, director of Student Life, said the new dance policy will help to make students feel safer when going to dances.            

“We want to make sure that students can come to a dance and be safe,” Cooper said.

Robert Deckert  contributed to this article.

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