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‘Bravecam’ offers 24-hour view

By Adam Fenwick
Around The Campus Editor
Electronic News Editor

Prospective students now can get a glimpse of real life at UNCP without leaving the comfort of their living rooms.

The UNCP website has recently launched the first of two webcams that will be positioned at high traffic areas around the UNCP campus. The URL is:

Bravecam is live 24 hours a day. The view from the Mary Irwin Belk Residence Hall includes Moore Hall and the Lowry Bell Tower.

Photo by Bravecam
Bravecam is live 24 hours a day.  The view from the Mary Irwin Belk Residence Hall includes Moore Hall and the Lowry Bell Tower.
First of two webcams

The first camera, which is called Bravecam, provides viewers with a live view of the action from the Mary Irwin Belk Residence Hall towards the Lowry Bell Tower.
The second webcam, slated to be online before Christmas, will be aimed at the front of the University Center from the Business Administration Building. 

University Web Publisher Lawrence Locklear said the webcam will give insight about UNCP to prospective students thinking about attending the university.

“It’s one of the latest, greatest things, having a webcam,” Locklear said.  “It adds a little life to an otherwise static website.”
The webcam will also serve as a great advertising and marketing tool for the university, according to Locklear.

Chancellor Allen C. Meadors said that UNCP is simply doing what many other universities have started doing by installing a webcam.

“The Division of Enrollment Management recommended that we establish a Bravecam, similar to what many, many other universities have done,” said Meadors.

Parents can view

Meadors said the Bravecam will give not just prospective students but parents of current students a chance to connect with UNCP on a “daily visual basis.”

“It is my understanding that some students and their parents have a set time each week where the student waves to them,” he said.

“Anytime we can do something that will make students and their families improve their comfort level we should look seriously into accommodating them when possible. 

“In this case there seemed to be many positives and few, if any, negatives,” said Meadors.

Alumni can view

Jackie Clark, vice chancellor for enrollment management, said she believes that UNCP has a “very pretty campus” and the webcam is another way to show that to future students and their families.

“The Bravecam will give perspective students and their family members the chance to see the university prior to a visit,” Clark said.  “It will, hopefully, influence a real visit as well.”

Clark said she believes the webcam will serve the alumni community as well as perspective students.

“I believe it is a wonderful tool for alumni to see the changes that are taking place at UNCP,” she said.

Bravecam runs Java so students without that software will not be able to view its images.

Information about Bravecam is available from Locklear at

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