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KFC removes trans fats f rom food by April 2007

By Margaret Damghani
Senior Staff Writer

Kentucky Fried Chicken will soon become the only fast food chain in Pembroke to offer food with no trans fats.

The Huddle House restaurant, open 24 hours at 705 E. Third St., attracts many students from the University of North Carolina at Pembroke.

Photo by Terri Rorke
Stan Locklear, carpenter and employee of UNCP, orders the Colonel’s orginal recipe known for its ‘finger-licking good’ taste.

The company announced Oct. 30 they will stop using partially hydrogenated oil to fry its food by April 2007.

Partially hydrogenated oil is also known as vegetable shortening and is the main source of trans fats.            

The American Heart Association recommends that trans fat intake should not exceed 1 percent of the total number of calories in a day. This translates to about two or two and a half grams per day.

Papa Bills’ uses peanut oil, which has no trans fat, to fry food and Subway’s sandwiches have no trans fats.             

Sodexho, the company that supplies the food for the cafeteria, went trans fat free last January, according to their website.

McDonald’s promised to stop using partially hydrogenated oils in 2002 but did not and paid out $8.5 million after a lawsuit, according to Reuters.             

The restaurants in Pembroke that use partially hydrogenated oil and/or contain trans fats in their food items:

•Burger King


•Huddle House

•Kentucky Fried Chicken (until April 2007)


•Taco Bell

According to published nutrition facts, McDonald’s large fry has eight grams of trans fats while a regular hamburger has only .5 grams. At Burger King, large fries have six grams of trans fats and a Whopper has 1.5 grams.            

At Taco Bell, the Baja Gordita had no trans fats while other items had three grams or more.

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