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Campus theft continues

By Carol Franch

Campus Police warned students to be wary of theft in a notice that they issued to the campus.            

“In the last three weeks we have had four different larcenies on campus.  Larceny is nothing more than theft, a crime of opportunity. 

The majority of reported thefts take place in the residence halls, and the victims reported that their rooms were not locked.

“At the end of each semester and at the holiday breaks, the university community has a tendency to relax and let their guard down.  Unfortunately, this is also the time of year larcenies occur most.             

“The University Police want to remind students, faculty and staff to protect their personal property.  Remember to lock your dorm rooms, offices and vehicle.  Don’t leave your textbooks lying around unattended. 

Textbooks are targeted this time of the year and with book buy back coming soon students need to keep their textbooks secured,” Campus Police said.  

A report was filed on Nov. 8 for larceny in Belk Hall, and another report for theft of a laptop in the Village Apartments on Nov. 8.            
Other reports of theft included: larceny of a bicycle at the Jones Athletic Complex, larceny of a motor vehicle from parking lot 24 and larceny of copper from Sampson Hall.

Other incidents

One student was charged for assault in Pine Hall on Nov. 9.                       

A report was filed against a student for the communication of threats on Nov. 7 at the Jones Athletic building.

Another report was filed for the communication of threats on Facebook on Nov. 9.            

One student was charged at the campus level for possession of a knife on Nov. 8 in the University Center.

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