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Mold erased quickly in Village apartment

By Hayley Burgess
Staff Writer

Photo courtesy of Colleen Griffiths
Mold was found growing on the apartment wall. A further inspection revealed that it had also grown throughout the layers of the wall.

Mold was found in apartment 211 at Village Apartments.
Colleen Griffiths, a senior, and her roommate, Rachel Oke, discovered the mold underneath their sink on Jan. 21.

They had to wait until the next day to report the mold to Jimmy Parker, resident administrator for Village Apartments, who responded immediately and quickly notified the Physical Plant, who is in charge of taking care of the facilities around campus.

Quick response
Taylor Fields, facility maintenance supervisor from the Physical Plant, came right away, and after inspecting the damage said everything must go.

A leaking water hose that either had a hole in it or was not attached correctly caused the mold.

The mold was not only on the back wall and right side of the sink, but was also all the way through the wall. The first layer of sheetrock, a wood 2x4 and another layer of sheetrock had to be removed.

“Taylor Fields said that the leak had been happening for a while,” Griffiths said.

Griffiths and Oke went to speak with the people at Student Housing to ask to be removed from their apartment because it was too dangerous to be in the same area as the mold when it was being cleared out.

Housing move
Housing did have a vacant place for them to stay while all of the work was being done, which began on Jan.23.

The Physical Plant got rid of all the mold, replaced the sink and water hose and will be shampooing the carpets for the two residents.

So far, there have not been any other reports of this same problem.

“I was very surprised and very pleased at how quickly the problem was dealt with,” Griffiths said.

“Usually they treat us like just because we’re in college, we are supposed to deal, but they handled the problem very quickly, and I’m very pleased,” she said.

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