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Safer, more convenient to memorize Banner ID

By Abbigail Overfelt
News Editor

Braves One cards issued at the beginning of the Spring semester incorporate student Banner ID numbers in a magnetic strip, making the cards more versatile.

Vending Services
The Braves One card’s vending services chip was replaced by the creation of a new card with a magnetic strip which will eventually encompass all University accounts, said Director of Business Services Denise Carroll.

“The chip was just like cash,” Carroll said. “If you lost the card, you lost all the cash that was on it.”

Instead of acting like cash, the new strip will eventually fund vending from a single declining balance account. This will replace the old system in which the chip acted independently based on where cash was applied. A student adding cash to the card to print in the library, for example, would only be able to use that money in the library.

“It was a very old system, and we needed to get away from it,” Carroll said.

According to Carroll, the new Braves One cards already encompass financial aid dollars, meal plans, Bert’s bucks and bonus bucks. The University is still working on contracts with vending services to create the declining balance account. Until then, students will have to keep their old Braves One cards to use for vending services.

“Our first priority was to ensure that students were able to enter their dorms, eat and buy books,” Carroll said. “The necessary upgrades to these areas were handled first.”

Switch to Banner ID
The new Braves One card account system was drawn up at the beginning of the semester, when students and faculty were issued new cards in order to comply with state legislation that required the University to use a method of identification other than social security numbers.

The University put into effect the Banner ID system, which identifies faculty and students by using a campus specific prefix, followed by digits that are unique to each individual affiliated with the University.

This new number required the creation of a new card, in which the Banner ID is encoded into the strip on the back of the card. However, use of the card is not the only thing that the Banner ID is now used for.

Library services now use the Banner ID number for accessing online databases as well as logging onto other services.

According to Associate Dean of Research Services and Systems in the library, Cindy Saylor, students should memorize their Banner ID number not only to access library services, but also to ensure that they could prove their identity in an emergency.

“Students need to know their Banner ID numbers in case their card was to stop working,” Saylor said.

Without the card or the number, she said, students would not be able to access either their meal plans or their residence halls.

The prefix “84” of the Banner ID identifies the number as belonging to the University of North Carolina at Pembroke. This ID is recognized at all Universities within the UNC system for most services. For example, a student from UNCP could easily check out a book from UNCG or UNCW libraries.

Saylor said that the last three digits, those that are unique to the individual, are the only ones that need memorization.



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