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Saylor accepts new technology position

By Abbigail Overfelt
News Editor

After spending 12 years working in the Mary Livermore Library, Cynthia Saylor has left her position as assistant dean of research services to accept a position that is new for her and the University, assistant chief information officer for Educational Technologies.

“I’ve been at the library for 12 years...I’ve watched this campus grow within the last 12 years and I get excited as we grow and have an impact on lives everyday,” Saylor said.

“Technology is the key to access the information that [the University] needs to continue to grow,” she said.

Saylor will be working directly with Chief Information Officer and Associate Vice Chancellor for Information Services Robert L. Orr.
The two are already working on ways to improve the University’s use of technology.

Orr said that Saylor is very well respected on campus, as well as in the library.

“We wanted someone who really knew the campus and could hit the ground running,” he said.

University Library Technician for Systems Jessica Riesbeck has worked closely with Saylor for several years.

Riesbeck was a student worker who assisted Saylor from her freshman to senior year then later applied for her current job position.

“She helped with technology in the library and on campus,” Riesbeck says of Saylor.

“She can’t be replaced,” she said.

Michael C. Alewine, outreach/distance education librarian, agrees with Riesbeck.

“As a boss, she has a very strong voice and she uses her power for good, not evil,” Alewine said.

He then listed the ideas that Saylor has turned into reality at the library, which has included projects such as increasing the number of student study rooms and allowing students to check out wireless laptops.

“Cindy’s advocacy for her librarians is there, so when we ask for something she doesn’t say, ‘oh, no, we can’t do that’,” he said.

“Rather, [she asks] ‘how can we make that happen’,” Alewine said.

“I’ve never seen that woman sit and relax,” he said of Saylor.

“And even when she is sitting, she’s thinking,” he said.



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