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String of break-ins lead to short police chase

By Susan Walley
Senior Staff Writer

On March 31, campus police received three reports of breaking and entering into vehicles in Lot 24 by the football field.
The incidents all resembled previous break ins which campus police alerted the campus community to using the email alert system earlier in March.

According to Det. Edward Locklear, the email alert system typically works well in aiding police in solving cases. However, they were unable to receive any additional information on these crimes through the system.

Det. Locklear explained that the Pembroke police had experienced a similar string of break-ins within the town, all resembling those which occurred on campus.

An officer with the Pembroke Police Department did discover the suspect in the act, but he evaded arrest during a short foot chase and currently remains in hiding. All stolen materials were recovered by the Pembroke Police Department and have been returned.

Det. Locklear encourages that all students be aware when they are in the parking lots and report any suspicious activity they witness. He also suggests that students check their vehicles if not once a day, then at least every other day.

Campus Police sent out an email alert on April 15 in regards to a possible abduction on campus. Det. Locklear explained that the information given in the alert was purposefully vague as the details of the investigation cannot be disclosed, but the email should serve as an alert to the campus community that such events can occur on campus.

On March 31, Campus Police received an anonymous tip regarding possession of marijuana in Oak Hall.

When officers arrived to investigate, they discovered four students in the room with two ounces of marijuana individually bagged for sale.

One student, while not admitting ownership of the marijuana himself, said it did not belong to the others, who were charged only on the campus level. The other student was charged on both the campus and state level.

Being witness to the possession of marijuana is enough to merit campus charges for the three students, Det. Locklear explained. The other student has received felony charges for possession and intent to sell.

On April 4, a student was charged on the campus level for possession of a knife on campus. Det. Locklear explained that the student was carrying a pocketknife, which was discovered as he attempted to enter a dance in the University Center.

On April 5, a student in Oak Hall was charged on campus and state levels for larceny of a fire extinguisher and setting off a false fire alarm. The student, according to Det. Locklear, removed the fire extinguisher from its place in the building and set it off in their room, which caused the fire alarm to activate.

On March 28 a student was charged with damaged property in University Village Apartments when Campus Police were informed he had damaged a door leading to the staircase in the 100 building. Det. Locklear explained that the incident was an accident and while there was no malicious intent, the student was still charged and held responsible for the damage.

Campus Police responded to three accidents on March 27, 29 and 31. On March 29 an arrest was made in a hit and run. In the other two incidents, citations were issued.

On April 4 two arrests were made in West Hall for visitation violations. Also on April 4, a student was arrested and received campus charges for DWI.


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