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Main entrance to University closes, light installed at Pizza Hut intersection

By Tashieka Hammond
Staff Writer

The North Carolina Department of Transportation and town of Pembroke have made changes to entrances to campus that will eventually improve vehicle and pedestrian safety at UNCP.

UNCP’s Director of Police and Public Safety McDuffie Cummings announced on Aug. 16 the modifications for roads and pedestrians as well as the permanent closing of UNCP’s south entrance.

“Modifications to University Road and Faculty Row will provide a safer vehicle and pedestrian environment,” Chief Cummings said. “Campus signage and roadway modification will be in place before the closing date on Aug. 16. University police will assist the campus community during the transition to ensure motorist and pedestrian safety,” Cummings continued.

The plan
The plan which will ease congestion at the former main entrance to campus will be as follows:

• Faculty Row will be closed on the north and south side of the railroad tracks with DOT barriers. Signs will be placed to guide pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

• Old Main Drive will be opened on the west end and will become one-way from University Road to Odum Road; traffic will move west to east.

• Stoplights and turning lanes will be placed at University Road at 3rd Street (N.C. 711). University Road will be widened and sidewalks will be installed for pedestrians. Sept. 1 is the scheduled completion for this project.

• Faculty Row will remain in use and accessible from University Road.

• Plans are scheduled to move the entrances to University parking lots 1 and 2. There are plans of a stoplight at the intersection of Lowry Road and 3rd Street.

• The railroad tracks will be fenced to guide pedestrians to approved sidewalks.

Chancellor Allen C. Meadors said the changes will make campus safer.

“UNCP is making changes to its campus based upon recommendations from the Department of Transportation to provide safer travel for pedestrians and drivers,” Chancellor Meadors said.

“Easing congestion on roadways will also make travel on and around campus safer and more efficient,” he continued.

Accident prevention
Pembroke Mayor and University Trustee Milton Hunt said the plans for safety improvements in 2008 will upgrade traffic safety.

“We’ve had some accidents there and this should help,” Mayor Hunt said.

“When all the planned changes to 3rd Street are in place in 2008, it will clear up a lot of traffic congestion,” Hunt continued.

University Police are available at (910) 521-6235 for any questions.

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