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OMMA events bring diversity to campus

By Marquita Brazier
Photo Editor

This month the Office of Multicultural and Minority Affairs continues its celebration of diversity with plays, guest speakers and advocacy campaigns.

Fannie Lou Hamer
A one woman play took the stage in Moore Hall on Sept. 10. Singer and actress mZuri starred, wrote and produced The Fannie Lou Hamer Story. The Office of Multicultural and Minority Affairs sponsored the event which took place at 3 p.m. and 7 p.m.

The Fannie Lou Hamer Story told the story of the trials and tribulations of Hamer and other African American women during the 1960s. The play focused on what African American women went through in order to gain the right to vote.

Hamer was born in Mississippi. Hamer worked with the Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee. The phrase “I’m sick and tired of being sick and tired,” can also be attributed to Hamer.

She was known to some as a freedom fighter who worked hard to promote voter’s registration.

The UNCP sections of the National Council of Negro Women and the National Advancement Association of Colored People were on hand to help students register to vote.

“We believe and advocate for voter’s registration because voting gives us our voice. She [Hamer] wanted that voice and wanted to vote,” said Joshua Batchelor, NAACP President. “It is our job to promote voter’s registration and to tell her struggle.”

Director of the Office of Multicultural and Minority Affairs, Robert Canida is also the advisor of NCNW and NAACP.

Beverly T. Gooden to appear
Sept 18, the Office of Multicultural and Minority Affairs along with the National Council of Negro Women will host author and humanitarian Beverly T. Gooden. This will be the second event highlighting NCNW week, which is Sept. 16-22.

“What we try to do is with NCNW week is to try to hit the primary targets that have been installed within the organization nationally.

Our targets consist of bringing focus to the black family, empowering economic development for women of color and all women,” said Carine Francois, NCNW President.

Gooden is the founder and president of the Beverly T. Gooden Corporation, which is a non profit organization with the mission of promoting healthy and spiritual lifestyles. Gooden is also the author of Confessions of a Church Girl, which is a true story about her secret past. Confessions of a Church Girl discusses the five year struggle that Gooden had on her way to finding her faith and God.

“We want Gooden to come to UNCP because it’s motivational to see someone go through so much and not have a negative view on life. She doesn’t have anger for society based on what she went through in her life,” said Francois.

Due to its sensitive nature, it was criticized by the church. Gooden is a 2005 graduate of Hampton University. She has a B.A in Journalism and Communication. Beverly T. Gooden owns Patmos Island Media, is a former Scripps Howard Foundation Wire Reporter and a candidate for a M.A. is Social Justice from Loyola University, Institute of Pastoral Studies.

Other OMMA Events
OMMA plans to host two events Sept. 20. At 3 p.m. the annual Harmony Walk will take place. Following the Harmony walk, there will be a funeral service for the “N” word and other derogatory statements.

“The purpose of the funeral is to bury all derogatory statements that have often people of certain ethnicities and cultures. Other words that are used too often to describe a person or their heritage will also be buried as well,” said Francois.

On Sept. 22 the OMMA office in conjunction with NCNW will host a Male Appreciation Program. The King Campaign from Greensboro, N.C. will lead a tribute to the males on campus. The King Campaign was started by a group of college students in Greensboro. They have been featured on BET and in various newspapers.

“The purpose is to bring attention and focus to African American males since they have a slight disadvantage than males of other races,” said Francois. “What sold me of the idea was that this particular issue was receiving national attention.

M. Cole Jones from Legacies Speak of Greenville, North Carolina will also speak and empower males on campus.

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