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Asbestos found in D.F. Lowry not airborne

By Amanda Hickey

When the planning for refurbishing D.F. Lowry began, the Department of Design and Construction, Facility Planning and Construction knew what they were dealing with, according to Director Bess Tyner.

Asbestos was found in the building 10 years ago when the department did a full survey to find out all the campus locations with asbestos, she said.

“The asbestos that we found in Lowry at the time was located in the floor tiles,” Tyner continued.

According to Tyner, the asbestos isn’t a danger to anyone who has been in the building or anyone who will be in the building.
As long as you’re not pulling up that floor tile or disturbing it in any way, it’s not dangerous, Tyner said. However, with the building refurbishment, new carpet was put down, so the floor boards had to come up.

The University has a policy dealing with construction in an area with asbestos.

“Where asbestos is present and will be directly disturbed through the project, the material will be removed prior to work by a licensed asbestos contractor,” the policy reads.

Childress Environmental will finish removing the asbestos from the building on Oct. 11.

Once the removal work and associated air sampling is complete and the work area is determined by an industrial hygenist to be suitable for reoccupancy, information on the material removed is forwarded to Facilities Planning and Construction for inclusion in the asbestos files, according to the policy.

“The important thing is making sure that it’s taken care of,” Dr. Richard Vela, chair of the Environmental Health and Safety committee, said.

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