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Theft leads campus crime

By Christian Felkl
News Editor

Photo by Christian Felkl
The new brick curb around Oak Hall remains broken. The curb was vandalized shortly after it was installed.

Larceny is the top contender for crime around campus in the past two weeks, followed by underage consumption of alcohol.

Endangering behavior
On Oct. 24, a person was charged with endangering behavior and breaking and entering.

The suspect went into a bathroom in Oak Hall and took pictures of a student.

The suspect was arrested and charged on both state level and campus level charge.

Assault on female
On Oct. 25, there was an argument between a male and female, and the male pushed the female.

The suspect was charged on the state and campus level for assault on a female.

On Oct. 25, there was a person arrested for possession of stolen laptops. They were charged on a campus level.
A laptop was stolen from a room in Pine Hall that was broken into Oct. 25.

On Oct. 29, a person was charged with controlled substance violation in lot 10. The person was charged on campus and state level.

On Nov. 2, there was a person charged with larceny. The person received a charge on campus level and state level.

Consumption, possession
On Oct. 30 and 31, eight people were charged with underage consumption of alcohol. They were all charged on the campus level.

On Oct. 31, two people were charged with an open container violation. They were charged on the campus and state level.

There was vandalism to the new curb that was installed around Oak Hall. A person kicked it and knocked out pieces of it.
To report suspicious behavior, contact the Department of Police and Public Safety at 521-6235.


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