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Student issues addressed at SGA forum

By Susan Walley
Senior Staff Writer

Students at the Student Government Association issues forum Nov. 7 asked university administrators questions about next year’s football schedule, pedestrian traffic and future plans for development.

Photo by Glory Attaochu­­
Chancellor Allen C. Meadors addresses students’ concerns at a student issues forum. Also at the forum were, from left, Lab Coordinator and Lab Tech Manager Wanda Hunt, Director of Auxiliary and Business Services Denise Carroll and John Campbell from Sodexho.

Chancellor Allen C. Meadors, as well as administration representatives from student life, dining, business services and housing, met with approximately 15 students in the University cafeteria.

According to Dr. Tom Corti, assistant vice chancellor for the Office of Student Development, the proposed football schedule for next season includes six home games, an increase from this year’s five.

Additionally, the schedule proposal includes a kickoff time of 6 p.m. for the first three games. These proposals have yet to be approved by the athletic department.

Several students addressed their concern for the state of sidewalks around campus, as well as the lack of sidewalks along Prospect Road in front of GPAC and Dial.

Many pedestrian concerns involved crossing from campus to the Pembroke Place apartment complex and from campus to McDonalds.

Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs Dr. Diane Jones explained to students that these issues are not within the university’s control.
Public highways are under the jurisdiction of the Department of Transportation (DOT), Dr. Jones said.

The university is in discussions with the DOT, who feel these areas do not have the traffic flow necessary to justify the installation of traffic lights. They are, however, considering the installation of islands to help students more safely cross, Dr. Jones said.
Students’ questions also included space concerns, and where they see development of the university and town of Pembroke going in the future.

Chancellor Meadors announced to students that as the campus develops more, more space for student organizations will be planned into those buildings.

Dr. Jones assured students that development is ongoing, but reminded them that “the wheels of progress are sometimes very, very slow.”

The forum, which was originally scheduled to take place in the University Center lounge, was moved into the cafeteria only the night before.

Sen. Hannah Simpson, chair of the Student Issues Committee and organizer of the event, explained that they may have lost potential questions due to this change.

Simpson said that “for the short amount of time [they] had to notify students of the change of location, it went well.”

Simpson hopes to hold a forum on a monthly basis next semester.

Simpson is planning a student issues week for January.

Each day during the week will have a theme, including voting, Simpson said.



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