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UNC Pembroke joins in water conservation efforts

By Justin Jarman
Staff Writer

Photo by Michael Graham
The flowers outside Old Main and throughout campus are being watered less due to water conservation plans.

Leaders at UNCP are trying to be good citizens and examples by beginning major water conservation efforts.

“We have a responsibility to lead in the resolution of the problem,” Chancellor Allen C. Meadors said.

UNCP can save 14,000 gallons of water daily if everyone shows concern and does their part in the conservation efforts.

“North Carolina in now in the worst drought in state history and as a university we need to be good stewards by doing everything we can to save water,” said assistant Vice Chancellor for Business Affairs/Facilities Management Steve Martin.

“The Physical Plant has quit washing vehicles, only irrigates once a week from deep wells, the fall flowering and seeding program has been cut back and the water fountain in front of Belk Hall has been cut off,” Martin continued.

Ice machines, floor washing, steam and carpet cleaning, laundry and food service will be affected also.

The main way UNCP can be successful in conserving water is to spread the word and educate the students and faculty of ways they can help.

Maintenance crews are keeping a check on all campus facilities and repairing any plumbing problem.

Students could try shorter showers and just be aware of any wasteful use of water.

These conservation efforts will amount to 432,000 gallons a month and nearly 5.2 million gallons a year.

UNCP hopes by leading the efforts and showing students the concern and severity of the drought that students can help the campus from dealing with mandatory water restrictions.

“As long as the drought continues, we will do our best to conserve,” Chancellor Meadors said.



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