Irene brings little rain, packs big winds

By Nick Phillips

Hurricane Irene made landfall on the North Carolina coast in the early morning hours of Aug. 27, moving slowly through Eastern North Carolina before moving northward and continuing its havoc up the Atlantic coastline.
Despite the destruction Irene left, UNCP and the surrounding area were spared from the brunt of the storm and saw rain and wind.
Irene was a Category 1 hurricane when it made landfall around 7:30 a.m. in the Cape Lookout area before slowly moving over the North Carolina sounds and coastline and then moving back into the Atlantic Ocean and making landfall again and hitting the New Jersey and New York areas. The remnants of Irene finally left North Carolina in the early morning hours of Aug. 28.

Pembroke and UNCP saw ominous skies throughout the day on Aug. 26 be accustomed to, there was no trast to Bunyan, N.C., "It was interesting to on Aug. 27 in Eastern North fore experiencing heavy rainfall from one of Irene's outer bands around 3 p.m., sending students and faculty racing to get out of the downpour flooding on campus. "I was surprised that where 14 inches of rain were reported. Wilmington, N.C. saw nearly 8 inches over the weekend as well. see everything empty," Underwood added. Carolina as it slowly paved its path. A steady rain fell throughout the overnight hours in Pembroke, as Irene pulled closer to the North Carolina coast. Unlike what many students have become there weren't any spots flooded. Usually we end up with several small lakes in different areas around campus," senior Josh Underwood said.
Although only 10 days into the semester, there were not many students on campus to welcome Irene to town, as all of the residential student parking lots had plenty of usually coveted parking spots sitting empty.
By lunchtime Aug. 27, Pembroke saw sun and, aside from a fairly heavy wind, it was a relatively nice day outside despite Irene pounding parts of North Carolina to the north-east.
Hurricane Irene was the ninth named storm of 2011 and the first East Coast hurricane and major hurricane of the season.