Students encouraged to visit advisers

By Ashley Cole
Staff Writer

With pre-registration only weeks away, it is time for students to think about attending their department majors' meeting and talking with their advisers. 

"These meetings are very important in that they provide the students with up-to-date information on courses and requirements," said Dr. Kay McClanahan, Chair Advising Task Force. 

The Task Force was established in October 2009 as a recommendation of the Student Success Steering Committee which was appointed by former Chancellor Charles Jenkins. It was included under the committee's recommendations for improving student success. 

The purpose is to "develop and publicize a mission statement and goals for advising at UNCP, to develop and implement the Advising Week concept and to develop a reward system for faculty advisers," Dr. McClanahan said. 

Those currently serving on the committee are: Dr. Danny Davis, Dr. James Frederick, Beth Froeba, Dr. Beverly King, Dr. Jonathan Masionpierre, Dr. Shilpa Pai and Preston Swiney. 

One way the task force will try to reach out to students is by hosting a "Kickoff to Advising" day March 16 from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m. on the UC lawn. 

"Representatives from academic departments and other campus units will be on hand to encourage students to take advantage of the majors' meetings and to meet with their advisers prior to the beginning of registration," Dr. McClanahan said. 

Dr. McClanahan and the rest of the Advising Task Force hopes that their work and effort will have a positive effect on retention rates. Educating students on academic courses and programs, they believe, will help to raise retention rates. 

Dr. McClanahan offered a final word of encouragement to students to "meet with your adviser before registration begins so that you can decide together what you should take in the summer and fall." 

She also stresses that "if you do it early, you'll have a much better chance of getting into the course sections you want than if you put it off until the last minute."