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Dr. Jones uses his passion to help students on campus

By Jonathan Bym Managing Editor

September 12, 2013

Photo by Jonathan Bym
Dr. Jones was named the new Vice Chancellor for Student Affairs in April.

Dating back to his time in the National Guard, Dr. John R. Jones, III, has experience working with a team for a grander goal. To him, there are many commonalities between working in the military and working for a university.

“In the military there is a common mission, and in the university it’s the same thing,” Dr. Jones said.

This mentality fits right in with the idea Chancellor Kyle R. Carter introduced at his university address of “One team for student success.”

Education is something that Dr. Jones holds highly because, to him, it is very powerful and it can change lives much like it did his.

“My life was certainly transformed by education and I see education as a means for providing significant experiences and means for bettering oneself,” Dr. Jones said.

Now in his third stop as an administrator, Dr. Jones previously worked at Purdue University and most recently as associate vice president for Student Affairs at Northern Illinois University.

Dr. Jones, a Carrboro, N.C., native, attended Appalachian State University for his undergraduate degree in applied mathematics and then worked as an analyst for Nations Bank and decided he wanted to pursue a graduate degree. Dr. Jones looked to either get a graduate degree associated with higher education or attain his MBA. Dr. Jones, being transformed by education, chose to pursue a graduate and doctorate degree in higher education from the University of Iowa, Iowa City.

“Through that process [graduate school], I saw how education can transform your life,” Dr. Jones said.

Through education, a passion for helping out students grew in Dr. Jones and for making a difference in their lives.

Dr. Jones, as an undergraduate student, was active on campus and participated in Student Government Association at Appalachian State, and he wants all students to experience college to its fullest.

Student Affairs’ mission, as listed in the student handbook, says, “The Division of Student Affairs works with faculty and staff throughout the campus community to build and create an exceptional out of class experience for you that complements your academic curriculum.”

“Students should be just as committed outside the classroom as they are with academics,” Dr. Jones said.

The division of Student Affairs is currently in the process of creating its strategic plan, something that in the future he hopes can include adding an outdoor sports facility.

Dr. Jones is very passionate about being outdoors and staying fit. Last year, he ran in the Chicago Marathon in 3-1/2 hours.

Frequently on campus Dr. Jones will stop students and ask them if they are active in on-campus activities. To Dr. Jones these are more than just extracurricular activities; they help build that student’s legacy.

“A student’s legacy is based on what students do out of class and in class, and it forms what effect they leave on the campus,” he said.

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