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Organizations gather at annual fair

By Kaitlyn Kelly Business Manager

September 12, 2013

Photo by Emily Thacker
Students walk around to different tables at the Involvment Fair on Aug. 28.

On Aug. 28 students gathered on the UC lawn to see what different organizations on campus had to offer them.

The organizations’ main focus of the day was trying to recruit new members and get their name out to the student body.

Some organization members at the Involvement Fair felt like students weren’t completely aware of their organization. 

So, the Involvement Fair was a way for those organizations to get their name out to students.

      Through the Involvement Fair students and organizations had the chance to network and interact with each other, which is something they wouldn’t normally do. 

From walking around the Involvement Fair students got to see organizations from Air Force ROTC to Public Relations Student Society of America to the Robeson County Humane Society.

There was something for everyone.

Each organization had a different meaning about what the Involvement Fair meant to their organization, but they all had something in common, getting the students involved.

“The Involvement Fair for me is a time to go out and find new things to get involved with,” National Council of Negro Women member Ashley Howard said.

“It’s also a great opportunity to meet women who are interested in helping our community. As the president I really do like to find women who are hardworking and the simple fact that they attended makes me know they have interest,” NCNW president Natavia Morris said.

Before the Involvement Fair started, each organization had to set up their table and get prepared to talk to potential members.

All the tables had something different to offer the diverse UNCP student body. A lot of work went into preparing for the Involvement Fair.

“I prepared for today by having one of our members create a trifold board,” Public Relations Student Society of America President Chanel Langley said. “With the board it explains what we are, who we are, about the officers, our mission, the fundraisers that we have coming up and we also prepared by having snacks and just talking to members so they know what to say to students.”

“We had a meeting about proper recruitment skills, we made a poster and brochures and we made sure we lugged the tent here. We didn’t really have much preparation to do because all we are talking about is what we do every day and how we live our everyday lives,” Morris said.

“I prepared this table by myself because everyone else was in class,” Enactus member Amanda Maxson said. “I got all the information I could about our Enactus group and collected the free water bottles for those who signed up, put the poster out and got ready for people to ask what’s going on.”

“We are sending members out to talk to students to bring them over to the table. I’m handing out flyers and bring people over to the side. Last year we just did word of mouth. We didn’t really want people to know about it,” Mentors Advancing for Distinction & Empowerment Vice President Brittany Linder said.

Some organizations prepared scrapbooks and flyers whereas some organizations made trifold boards and gave out lollipops.

Each organization was trying to get students involved in what their organization is about and try to get students interested in their organization.

“I’m recruiting new members by telling them more about PRSSA when they come by our table. I just explain to them what our organization is about and how they can benefit by being a part of PRSSA” Langley said.

Whoever is willing to come up to our table, we have an informative background flyer stating who we are and what we stand for,” Alpha Pi Omega Beta Chapter, Dean of the Honeycombs Arielle Harding said. “We have a list where interested students can put their name and number down so we can contact them in reference to anything that is going on in our sorority if they want to be a part of it.”

“We are having people sign up. You don’t have to be a business major, but it’s preferable because we are always using our business skills,” Maxson said. “A lot of people like community service and want to do it and that’s what we do.”

Not all of the tables at the Involvement Fair hosted student organizations.

Campus Recreation was at the event promoting the upcoming events and the recent change from Campus Intermural to Campus Recreation.

“This is the first year we’ve changed the department name, it’s now Campus Recreation,” Director of Campus Recreation Justin Winans said. “For the past 10 years it’s been Intramural and Campus Recreation. Now that we’ve brought in intermural, the fitness center, the pool, club sports, and outdoor activities, all of these activities are now under the complete umbrella of Campus Recreation.”

The involvement fair for us, Campus Recreation, allows us to get the word out. Get a lot of people to sign up on the online account which is, which plugs students into every campus recreation event we have on campus,” Campus Recreation Program Administrator Kyle Hussey “Today we just want to spread the word about what we do. Get students signed up for Flag Football, which is our current activity, spread the word about our swim meet and beach wrestling tournament, and Zumba classes that are about to begin.”

All the organization members did what they could in order to get more students interested in what their organizations had to offer.

The Involvement Fair was a group effort with the students interacting with the different organizations.

Organizations got anywhere from 15 students to 150 students interested in the organization.

Having an Involvement Fair each year allows for new students to get to know what all the different UNCP organizations and the faces which lead those organizations.

More information about joining an organization on campus is available on the organizations’ Facebook page, by visiting when there’s a table in the University Center or looking up information on the UNCP website.


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