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Paster Hector Miray links campus ministries

By Claudette Colvin Staff Writer

October 10, 2013

Photo by Emily Thacker
Paster Hector Miray, left, catches up with members of the Berea Baptist Church at a picnic on Oct. 6.

The link that connects all of UNCP’s campus ministries together is a full time youth pastor who has dedicated his life to helping college students.

Hector Miray is the associate pastor of Berea Baptist Church.

Miray was hired in 2005 to build Berea’s campus ministry program.

“Campus ministry is my full time position,” Miray said. “I know this is where God wants me to be.”

Miray showed compassion as he spoke of the college students and the challenges they faced on campus.

“They are kids on their own,” Miray said. “This is a time in their lives when they are faced with critical decisions, and they need someone to guide them.”

Berea’s College Night every Thursday is a time of praise, worship, bible study and dinner.

It is just one of the ways Miray stays connected to the students and the other campus ministries. 

“All the ministries on campus join together to have a big annual event in April called the Light Up,” Miray said. “All the groups work together try to cover the campus with prayer, evangelizing and talking to students to see what we can do to help.”  

There are nine Christian ministries officially recognized at UNCP.

Miray is the glue that links them all together.

“Because I do this full time and because Berea is a giving church, I have the time and resources to help the other ministries,” Miray said.

Berea’s campus ministry sponsors mission trips to different places during the students’ spring break.

The expense is usually covered by the church.

The trips are open to all the campus ministries.

Berea also sets up a table at UNCP’s football games’ tailgate parties.

They invite the other ministries to join them to give out free food.

“It gives the students the opportunity to share their faith,” Miray said.

Miray has been able to see the fruit of his labor.

“I have seen three generations of students pass through UNCP from start to finish,” Miray said. “They keep in touch after they graduate. They let me know about their jobs, marriages and the birth of their children.”



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