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SGA president has goals for campus

By Elise Quidley News Editor

October 10, 2013

Photo by Emily Thacker
SGA President Emily Ashley, left, interacts with graduate assistant Stacey Medina about upcoming projects from the School of Graduate Studies.

Recently elected SGA President, junior Emily Ashley has had big plans in progress for the 2013-2014 academic school year.

A goal of making a student section called “BraveNation” at sporting events has already been accomplished this semester.

“I want the student body to love UNC Pembroke just as much as I do,” Ashley said. “The students are my main motivation.”

Possible GPA change

Ashley is in the process of helping raise class GPAs to its maximum equivalency of an A plus.

Students may soon have the opportunity of earning a 4.3 GPA rather than a usual 4.0 in their classes if her proposed change goes through.

“Students should be able to get the highest they can get,” Ashley said. “If students are able to receive a B plus, then they should be able to get an A plus, too.”

This is not Ashley’s first go with her school’s Student Government Association.

Ashley was involved with her high school SGA at Carrboro High School in Chapel Hill, where she grew up.

“You have to be really sociable for the position that I’m in,” Ashley said. “I have to strike up conversations with people that I’ve never even talked to before.”

She took the roles of Homeroom Representative and the Student Body Publicist.

This motivated her to continue with the organization in college.

“My brother is even president of Student Athlete Advisory Committee at Garner Webb University,” Ashley said. “I guess it just runs in my family.”

Personal time

When not busy with SGA meetings or phone calls, Ashley spends time with her Sigma Sigma Sigma sorority sisters.

She also watches “Grey’s Anatomy,” goes to her brother’s soccer games at Garner Webb University or spends time with her mother when she comes to visit her in her free time.            

“It’s honestly hard to actually have a ‘me’ day,” she said.

Back home in Chapel Hill, Ashley works at her local YMCA as a camp counselor. 

“I try not to go home to Chapel Hill as much because I like to promote staying on campus during the weekends,” Ashley said. “It’s hard to do that if I don’t even stay here myself, so I usually just go home on holidays.”

Becoming SGA President, Ashley has had to make sacrifices for her passion of SGA this year.

“Dance has always been a part of my life,” she said. “I used to be a part of the UNCP dance team, but I felt like I had to sacrifice it for my passion for SGA.”


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