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Budget cutes lead to job losses

By Ashley Cole Editor

October 24, 2013


The University’s plan to meet the mandatory budget reduction of $3,194,283 has been finalized.

According to a statement from Chancellor Kyle R. Carter, operational and instructional expenses were cut significantly more than was originally proposed, which left less to be cut in personnel expenses.

The final cut in operating and instructional expenses totaled $972,007.

The original proposal suggested that $662,468 would be cut.

This left 2,222,276 to be cut from personnel expenses.

Eight filled and 22 vacant positions have been eliminated.

Six academic departments have been consolidated.

The Chancellor also noted that the graduate degree program in music education and the undergraduate degree program in applied physics have been recommended for elimination.

The elimination requires approval from the Board of Governors.

If eliminated, currently enrolled students working toward those degrees will go through a teach-out schedule.

Faculties in these programs were given an opportunity to provide additional information  before the elimination.

The other programs that were up for elimination are going to continue.

This includes undergraduate programs in theatre, art education and music education, and the graduate program in art education.

According to the Chancellor’s statement, the faculty in these programs will work with the deans and the provost to develop plans to increase enrollment and ensure that goals are met.

“Nobody wants to cut programs because it limits options for students,” Chancellor Carter said. “We have looked at all our programs and analyzed them based on centrality and admission and about eight programs came out falling below the line.”

According to the Chancellor, the physics program has averaged one graduate each year for the past five years.

“It’s a financial question,” Dr. Carter said. “It’s not that we value physics or not, it’s simply a financial question.”

The budget plan was reviewed by the University Budget Advisory Committee that is made up of faculty, staff and administrators.

It was then presented to the Board of Trustees on Sept. 20.


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