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Canada chosen as Dean of Arts & Sciences

By Noah Clark
Copy Editor

April 19, 2012

Photo by Noah Clark
Dr. Mark Canada is officially hired as the full-time dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Dr. Mark Canada was hired as the Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences effective April 2.

According to Provost Dr. Ken Kitts, Dr. Canada will coordinate and supervise the work of the 18 departments that make up the College of Arts and Sciences in concert with the department chairs.

Additionally, Dr. Canada will serve on the leadership team in the Division of Academic Affairs, working on planning and outreach efforts for the University.

Dr. Canada has been the Acting Dean since July 2011, and according to Dr. Canada nothing has changed for him now that he is the official dean, citing that when he accepted the Acting Dean position the Provost wanted him to conduct himself as if he were the dean and not a caretaker.


Success in all aspects of the College of Arts and Sciences is central to Dr. Canada's vision for the future.

In regards to students Dr. Canada is looking to build on existing programs in the fall and promote the success of students already at UNCP.

When students are not only retained, but are learning and growing, that's when we succeed, Dr. Canada said.

Dr. Canada is happy about the early success of the new Go-To Faculty program designed to promote positive student interaction with faculty.

Dr. Canada recognizes that faculty do more outside of the classroom, and he wants to support that work.

I want to reward strong teaching and advising, but also acknowledge other work, Dr. Canada said.

Publishing faculty achievements on the College of Arts and Sciences web site and supporting outside research are among the ways to recognize faculty accomplishments.

Dr. Canada is also focusing efforts to promote UNCP through coordinating local interviews with members of the UNCP faculty and promoting the success of the University.

"We need to spread the word about the great things we do at UNCP," Dr. Canada said.

Dr. Canada has been a faculty member at UNCP since 1997, serving in various positions during his tenure, ranging from an associate professor of English to his current position as Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences.

Having been at UNCP for so long gives him knowledge that helps him as an administrator to make good decisions and a sense of the students and faculty, Dr. Canada said.

Preexisting relationships and knowing who is doing what is an asset to Dr. Canada as the Dean, because it allows him to put people together who are working on similar projects, and if people are frustrated he can help solve problems, Dr. Canada said.

Dr. Canada has the con- fidence of his colleagues as he moves forward.

"Dr. Canada exemplifies the teacher-scholar who can lead by example. He is an outstanding faculty member who has earned the respect of his colleagues, and I am confident that he will continue to be a strong leader for the College of Arts and Sciences," Provost Kitts said.

"Though Dr. Canada has only been serving as our dean for a year, he has shown in that time his commitment to the job—and the seriousness with which he takes this important position." Dr. David Zeigler, chair of the biology department, he said.

Dr. Robert Brown, chair of the department of history, has known Dr. Canada for many years. Dr. Brown said that he is a good colleague, scholar and teacher, and he looks forward to working with him.

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