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There's an old timey movie theatre in Lumberton

by Samantha Langley, Staff Writer

June 7, 2012

Carolina Civic Center
The Carolina Civic Center at 315 North Chestnut Street in Lumberton, North Carolina
Photo by Hillary Akers, Photo Editor

The Carolina Civic Center, located in Lumberton, is a 1920's theatre that hosts a Friday Night Classic Film series on the third Friday of the month.

The Center is a theatre rich in history.

It opened originally in 1928, and received major renovations in 2009, including new seating and a new screen.

However, those renovations remained true to the original look of the 1920's theatre.

Now the theatre continues to celebrate its history by showing old movies once a month.

"We try to show movies that I feel are important that a lot of people haven't seen. Or those that people rarely get to see on the big screen," Richard Sceiford, executive director of the Carolina Civic Center, said.

Before every Friday night classic movie, a self-playing organ fills the theatre with music.

The theatre itself includes a gold-trimmed stage and classic looking seats.

It is easy to think that one has been transported to an earlier time.

Ann Warrington, a current volunteer for The Carolina Civic Center, remembers coming to the theatre as a girl before the renovations.

"For a quarter we could come to the movies get popcorn and a drink," Warrington said. "I remember me and one of my girlfriends would come here after school."

The most memorable movie she can remember viewing in the theatre was The Sound of Music.

What surprised Warrington most about the Sound of Music was it's length.

Back when Warrington attended the theatre, movies typically were about 45 minutes long and normally were in a double feature. They also showed a cartoon and sometimes a newsreel. However, the Sound of Music was so long it actually had an intermission.

It was the first full-length film in color she had seen.

The classic movie night on June 15 at 7:00 pm will feature The War Wagon, A 1967 western starring John Wayne.

Apart from their classic movie nights, the Center also has a variety of live shows and regular art gallery shows featuring local artists.

For more information about the Carolina Civic Center and a calendar of events, visit their website at

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